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Pencloe Wind Farm Alternative Abnormal Load Access Route Page

To reduce the impact of the construction traffic from Pencloe Wind Farm we are proposing a new access route for all of the abnormal loads required to construct the Pencloe Wind Farm. These loads include the turbine blades, towers sections, and nacelles. Other construction traffic will use the already consented route which follows the Afton Road to access at Pencloe Farm.

The proposed abnormal load route will run for around 7.8km to the west of the Afton Road through pasture and moorland on Laight and Ashmark farms, before entering Pencloe Forest owned by Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS). The route will take a total of 157 abnormal loads off the Afton Road at a point immediately to the south of Afton Cemetery.


A new bellmouth junction arrangement is proposed from the Afton Road for use of abnormal load vehicles during construction and throughout the operational and decommissioning phases of the wind farm. The location and form of the access junction will be agreed with the Ayrshire Roads Authority.


These proposals do not alter the overall construction traffic volumes for Pencloe Wind Farm, but would remove abnormal loads from part of the Afton Road, reducing disturbance to residents and road users in terms of load movements; highways modifications required to accommodate loads; and by avoiding the removal of trees and vegetation on either side of the road.


Please view our information boards for further details.

Information Boards

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